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Wedding Brooch Pins - Bridal Brooch Pins

Swarovski Crystal Wedding Brooch Designs - Wedding Brooches - Bridal Brooch Pins

Our crystal wedding brooch designs and bridal brooch pins are perfect as pick-ups on bridal gowns or evening gowns. Crystal brooch pins also add sparkle to bridal bouquets, handbags and other fashion accessories. You can pin these rhinestone and crystal brooches to your shoes too! Pin a rhinestone wedding brooch on your jacket lapel to dress it up, or add a ribbon sash to your wedding gown and top it off with one of our gorgeous Swarovski crystal brooches. Advantage Bridal carries a large selection of brooch pins, bridal jewelry and bridesmaid jewelry. Our wedding brooches come in many shapes and sizes that fit any budget. A vintage style bridal brooch can be "something old" for the bride, and of course, vintage bridal accessories are in fashion right now.

Fashion jewelry brooch pins add extra elegance to any special occasion gown or handbag. Brooches and pins are wonderful wedding party gifts, bridesmaids gifts, mother of the bride gifts, mother of the groom gifts and thank you gifts. We offer crystal brooch pins, rhinestone brooches, pearl brooches, flower brooches and fashion jewelry pins in Silver, Antique Silver and Gold settings, as well as various colored crystals. Brooches are versatile, and many of our brooch pins can also be worn as hair combs or hair accessories for that jeweled touch to any hair style.
Brooches and pins add a touch of vintage and sparkle to any wedding. They are beautiful and versatile and can be used in many different ways to accent your wedding.

Brooches can pinned on a dress to achieve a more classic, sophisticated feel. If your dress has a sash, select a brooch and pin it to the middle (front or back depending on the design). Or, add one at the base of a strap on a single shoulder. You can also pin them to your clutch or evening bag. Gorgeous hairpins add an extra touch of sparkle to your wedding hairdo.

There are some unconventional ways that you add some sparkle to other parts of your wedding, ceremony and reception. Brooch bouquets are the latest rage in bridal style. A collection of brooches bunched together to create a glamorous bouquet of sparkles can be tied with a ribbon custom selected to match. You can make the bouquets yourself and exercise your creative side, or purchase the brooches you like most and enlist the help of an artistic friend. Mix heirloom brooches with brand new brooches, or you desire a more traditional bouquet, just add a few to your flowers, and to your bridesmaids’ as well.

For your table décor, brooches can be added to your place settings and tables to create a vintage ambiance. Sprinkle them in the middle of the table among candles and flowers. Pin them to linen napkins after they are folded and placed on the guest’s plates. You can also press them into inexpensive candles for a unique and high-end effect.

Brooches and pins are a sparkling addition to any wedding design. They add a touch of nostalgia and heirloom to your day with a modern twist. Advantage Bridal has a huge selection of gorgeous brooches and pins in different shapes and sizes with rhinestones, crystals and pearls.