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Affordable Wedding Shoes

When you are ready to begin the quest for the perfect wedding shoes, you'll want to make sure that you have your dress on order or purchased. There are several reasons for this. First, you need to know the fabric of your bridal gown, and also the color. Some bridal shoes can be dyed and some cannot because it takes specially made fabrics to make dyeable shoes. You'll also want to know how much room you have in the length of your bridal gown so that you don't purchase shoes that will make your gown too short. Ideally, you can buy wedding shoes at just the right height so that you don't require hemming of your gown at all, which can save you up to several hundred dollars!

Advantage Bridal offers dyeing to off-white and varying shades of ivory on all of our dyeable bridal shoes. Off-white matches white silk dresses, which are the natural silk color. Light ivory bridal shoe dye is best for today's ivory satin gowns, and medium to dark ivory shoe dye is good for ivory silk gowns and vintage dresses.

Shoe cushions and inserts can help you wear the wedding shoes of your dreams and remain comfortable on your big day. They can help keep straps from slipping, or heels from rubbing. We carry FootPetals shoe inserts that solve all sorts of fit and comfort issues, and even offer styles that will keep your feet from sliding forward in bridal sandals.

Advantage Bridal stocks thousands of pairs of shoes, so we can usually quickly get your bridal shoes shipped to you. We also work closely with our manufacturers and sometimes have them ship directly to you, to speed up the process if you are several days shipping time from us, or we don't have the wedding shoes you've chosen in stock when you place your order.

You'll want to have a bit of room in closed-toe bridal shoes, because you'll likely be standing all day, and feet tend to swell when abused like that! You can wear shoes that are a bit loose by padding them with soft foam inserts. Later in the day when your bridal shoes start to feel a bit tight, you can remove the padding and give your feet the extra room they need.

Please allow extra time if you are ordering dyed shoes. White bridal shoes will ship out more quickly, but if you require ivory wedding shoes and they need dyeing, we will need several extra days before shipping to you.

Advantage Bridal has a team of professional shoe decorators who love to fulfill special requests. Do you want crystals all over your wedding shoes? Check with us to see if we can do this on the shoes you want. We also sell a lot of decorated bridal flip flops, embellishing them with pearls, crystals, ribbon, brooches and other fine details. Wedding flip flops are great reception shoes if your feet tire in your official bridal shoes. Just be sure to order a comparable height wedding sandal so that your gown doesn't drag on the floor. Hem dirt is extremely difficult to clean, and the less of it your dress accumulates, the better. Beach bridal sandals are very popular for destination weddings, so look for our starfish brooch wedding flip flops or Swarovski crystal embellished Havaianas for stunning style and stellar comfort.

Once you have chosen your wedding shoes and your bridesmaids have their dresses, it's time to think about bridesmaids' shoes. Usually it looks best for their shoes to be the same if they are wearing dresses shorter than floor length. Under longer gowns, they can usually chose the shoes they feel comfortable in, even if they end up in different styles. Its best if the bridesmaid shoes are all the same color though. Sometimes their shoes will require dyeing and we strongly recommend that they are all dyed at the same time. Keep in mind that colors look different indoors vs. outdoors, so have them dyed to match in the lighting your bridesmaids will spend most of their time in.

When you are ready to order your bridal shoes, speak to one of our wedding experts. Call Advantage Bridal toll-free at 877-WED-SHOP and we can answer your questions about our beautiful selection of hundreds of styles of top designer bridal shoes, and even discount bridal shoes in our sale section. We also carry matching bridal purses and money bags, so you can have a perfectly coordinated bridal ensemble.