Bridal Hats

Wedding hats have traditionally been associated with British weddings but are becoming increasingly popular with brides internationally. Add a touch of British flair to your special day with a beautiful bridal hat from Advantage Bridal. Advantage Bridal offers a wide variety of styles from designer brands that are perfect for adding that classic touch of style to your wedding day. Channel a royal wedding feel with a large wedding hat or try a modern twist on the wedding hat tradition with a petite feathered bridal hat. Whether you're a bride, bridesmaid, or a bridal guest, Advantage Bridal has the perfect wedding hat for you.

Hollywood culture has cultivated an obsession with celebrity weddings. We all love to know who’s getting married, when and where. But more important, what did the bride wear and how can we get those fabulous celebrity hairstyles seen on the red carpet?

If you’re suffering from the endless bad hair day, highlights beautiful bridal hairstyles: Jessica Alba wears a fun updo with a twist on the classic French braid; Molly Sims’ locks are a modern take on a 60s style; Kate Hudson’s loose braid starts at the nape of her neck, while bangs frame her face; Rhianna’s short, sophisticated do would look great with a visor veil or vintage hat; the gorgeous mane of Penelope Cruz is pulled back, bringing the focus to her beautiful earrings and eyes; Kate Beckinsale wears a low, messy bun that still looks pulled together; Keri Russell’s beautiful curls are loosely pinned in a French twist; and Anne Hathaway’s “dressed-up” ponytail is always fit for a princess.

Celebrity hairstyles would look fabulous on any bride, especially when you add a hair accessory for an even more glamorous statement. Visit to check out the selection of bridal veils, tiaras, hair pins, hair clips, feathers, combs and hats by Erica Koesler. From a silk rose to rhinestone tiaras and from ostrich feathers to the birdcage veil, these bridal hair accessories are a touch of Hollywood couture. highlights fifteen beautiful bridal hairstyles for those who need some inspiration.