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Bridal Money Dance Purse Traditions



The bride’s money bag is a tradition that was started in specific cultures but has now expanded to anyone who would like to incorporate the dollar dance into the festivities.  Bridal money bags are a great way to collect all the wedding cards from your guests and are an easy and safe alternative to having a card box at your reception. For a special touch consider one of our personalized money bags.

The bride’s money bag is often found in Italian and Latin American weddings. In the Italian custom it is called ‘buste’. The bride will carry a pretty satin bag, in which the guests can place envelopes of money to help with expenses of the traditionally lavish Italian weddings. The bride usually wears the money bag on her arm while dancing, to allow male guests to put money in the bag in exchange for a dance with the lovely bride. The bride’s grandmother sometimes then guards the bag during the evening.

There are slight variations in Latin American Weddings, as the dollars are pinned to the bride’s dress and then taken off and put in the money bag after the ‘money dance’ is over. In other instances, the maid of honor wears an apron and collects money given by the guests to dance with the bride.

The money dance has incorporated itself into the American culture, with most people referring to it as the dollar dance. It is so widely accepted that most guests come prepared with money in hand. Even if you decide to opt out of the dollar dance tradition, the bag is useful in having a safe place to keep your cards and notes that you will receive at the reception.

A bridal money bag usually has a drawstring top and is used to hold the cash and wedding cards given at the reception.  It can also be used if the bride and groom decide to do a money or dollar dance.   Most common are white bridal money bag or ivory money bag styles, although some brides choose to have them made in custom colors to match their wedding them, some with accents of colored ribbon.   Consider personalizing your money bag by having your monogram embroidered on the bag in your wedding colors. A monogrammed money bag is a lovely personalized shower gift for the bride.

The money bag is usually a white or ivory bag usually in satin with a draw string closure. Personalized ones are also a great idea, which you can get your new initials monogrammed on the front.

After the reception, the money bag is the perfect place to keep all the cards and notes that you received.  Assign a trustworthy friend or relative to guard the bridal money bag and its contents.  The bag will protect the cards you receive for years to come.  You and your future children can enjoy reliving your wedding day by reading the wedding cards your guests give you, and the money bag can be used as a lovely monogrammed shoe bag after the wedding!

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