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Bridal Shower Games and Activities

Everybody loves fun and games at a party, so don’t forget them when planning for the bridal shower.

A nice way to start your party is to pass around cards and ask guests to write down notes of advice for the bride. Everyone should fill one out with their advice to a perfect marriage. You can decide whether to read the cards out loud or place them in a keepsake album to present to the bride.

You can also choose from several traditional games with wedding twists. Bridal shower bingo features specialty cards filled with colorful wedding themed pictures or bridal words like gifts that you might receive at a shower. Challenge your guests to a time trial with a bridal shower maze set and see who navigates the maze of love fastest. Themed scratch off cards will make guests giggle with plays on the word “ring”. Instead of “Engagement Ring” you might scratch off an “onion ring” or a “key ring”.

Find out who knows the couple best by testing your guest’s knowledge about the bride and groom. Throw out questions like: “how did the bride and groom meet” or “what is the bride’s favorite thing about the groom?” You can also create a trivia game by asking the groom questions in advance, then testing the bride on how well she really knows her future husband. Some great questions are “what is your groom’s favorite band/singer”, “what is his dream job”, “what did he wear on your first date”, “what does the groom say is the bride’s best feature”, or “where did they have their first kiss?” The game breaks the ice and should have everyone laughing in no time.

Advantage Bridal offers so many great bridal shower games; it will certainly be hard to pick just one!