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Bridal Shower Traditions and Ideas

The Bridal Shower: Origins and Todayís Traditions


A bridal shower is an opportunity to see and socialize with your close friends and family before the wedding day, and to be showered with the things you need to make your house a home. It is usually thrown by a bridesmaid or close family member, with fun, bridal shower games, food, and, of course, presents!

This pre-wedding event tradition dates back to the 1890s with a legend that began with a young Dutch girl who fell in love with a Dutch miller. The Dutch miller was extremely giving and always gave to the poor. He did not save any for himself. The father of the sweet girl would not allow her to marry such a man with no money and would not give her a dowry. The couple was devastated. The villagers who knew of the Dutch millerís generous heart gave to the couple treasured possessions and household goods. The couple was then equipped with everything they needed and wed and lived happily ever after! The bridal shower was then meant for brides that did not have money for a dowry.  

From that time on, friends and family would place small gifts in parasols to give to the bride to start her new life as a happily married wife. Now the bridal shower carries the same symbolism, giving to the bride household items and keepsakes with which to fill her new home.

When throwing a bridal shower, you must be sure to be well-organized. The first thing to consider is the bridal shower invitations, key because you have to know who and how many people are attending. Shower invitations are available in different themes and colors and they set the tone for the bridal shower day! Shower invitations are available that come fully customizable to assist with wording. You can also purchase them with outer envelopes with the printed return address so that all guests will be able to rsvp without a hitch. If you enjoy do-it-yourself projects, then there are adorable DIY shower invites available for that as well.

Bridal shower games are another important aspect, ranging from bingo, bride and groom trivia, whoís got the bling scratch off cards, and so many more fun options. Also, pass around advice cards and pens to each of your guests and allow them to write down a little piece of wisdom that will help the bride navigate her new life of being a newlywed.

Wow your guests with the little details such as place card holders to match your theme and calligraphy place cards. Also, donít overlook the importance of a follow up thank you cards. To make sure that you have the proper address for all your attendees, pass around pad of paper and have them write their name and address down to make sure that you thank everyone who was there. Some might not be able to attend, but will send a gift in their place, so be sure to note their names as well.

Remember it is all about having fun and enjoying the company of your guests.  You can certainly rest assured that all will go perfectly, if you let Advantage Bridal help you with all your bridal shower and wedding needs.