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Buying a Personalized Rhinestone Bikini

Ordering Your Custom Personalized Wedding Bikini

We love personalized bikinis because we think that not only will you feel very special wearing one on your honeymoon, but because other vacationers will undoubtedly notice and everyone on the beach will share in your newlywed happiness. Our brides report that they receive special wishes, free cocktails, and overall are treated extra nice when people realize they are on their honeymoon. The effect a newly married couple's happiness has on others is similar to being a fairy godmother and sprinkling magic everywhere--your joy will be contagious!

We've spent many years perfecting our apparel decorating processes, and you can rest assured that your crystals will not fall off of your bikini if it is cared for properly. We sell high quality bikini brands only. Most of the bikini tops and bottoms are 80% nylon and 20% spandex, and we are happy to say that most are made in the U.S.A. Never let your custom bride bikini remain wet in a bag for longer than absolutely necessary, and never soak your bikini in detergent or bleach, because they will destroy the adhesive and then all of the crystals could loosen and fall off. To keep your wedding bikini beautiful as long as possible, it is important to wash it by hand with some gentle soap. Always rinse your bikini with tap water after swimming.

We offer our personalized bikinis in a wide array of styles, and you can mix and match them. With a dozen colors to choose from, you can order a one of a kind bridal bikini uniquely your own. We especially love the new lace edge bikinis, sexy and sweet at the same time, and the gorgeous colors contrast with the black lace so well. String bikinis are always a favorite, and our halter bikinis are very flattering for all figure types including those with a generous bustline because they offer more support. A cute skirt or sarong coverup will take you from the beach right to the hotel restaurant or cocktail bar in most vacation/honeymoon resorts.

To determine your bikini size, we always recommend a good tape measure rather than guesswork or going by your size in other garments. Every manufacturer cuts their garments a bit differently, and because our personalized bridal swimwear is not returnable, you'll want to ensure that it fits very well.

We don't just make bridal bikinis however. You can order a personalized bikini with just about anything you want on it, including a logo, or perhaps a palm tree, heart or other symbol. We are happy to customize all of our crystal apparel so that you have have a garment that is custom made just for you. We create crystal logos for corporate events, resort wear, and sports of all types.