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Perfect Songs for the Bridal Garter Toss

Perfect Songs for the Bridal Garter Toss

Weddings are often personalized by bride and groom to better reflect their personalities. From the wedding décor to the flower girl dresses , every last detail must be considered and planned.

 One of the aspects that most couples have trouble deciding on, however, is the music- especially when it comes to such important dances as the First Dance , Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance and the final dance of the evening.

 Have you thought about what song you would like to be playing in the background during the always entertaining bridal garter toss ? Normally taking place immediately following the bouquet toss , the garter toss brings all the single guys to the dance floor to see who has the luck of placing the garter on the single lady who has caught the bouquet .  Tradition is that they will marry next!

  There is a wide range of wedding garter toss songs from which to choose- varying from the classic and risqué, to the downright funny and everything in-between.

  Undecided as to what to play? We have got you covered!

  Songs that will get your wedding party giggling:

·          Rocky Theme

·          Jaws Theme

·          James Bond Theme

·          Macho Man- The Village People

·          Wild Things- Throggs

·          Hungry Like the Wolf- Duran Duran

·          Another One Bites the Dust- Queen

·          Sexyback- Justin Timberlake

·          I’m Too Sexy- Right Said Fred

  Classic songs that won’t make Grandma feel uncomfortable:

·          Fever- Peggy Lee

·          A Little Less Conversation- Elvis Presley

·          Pretty Woman- Roy Orbison

·          Big Spender- Shirley Bassey

·          Wanna Be Starting Something- Michael Jackson

·          It’s Raining Men- The Weather Girls

When choosing your bridal garter for the wedding, we suggest purchasing a bridal garter set with one being the pretty, more detailed garter and one being a matching but simpler toss garter . This way when the lucky single guy who catches that garter leaves you will not have to track down your expensive bridal garter to have as a keepsake.