Personalized Berry Wreath Glass Jar Gift Candle With Lid

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WS-5920-08-2027-147-01-Berry Wreath
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  • The personalized candle jar is lightly frosted glass with a silver metal lid. It has a simple but modern look that is suited to different decorative styles. With the colorful printed design, the candle is a cute gift idea. Add a name or short line of custom text to the "Berry Wreath" design to customize the candle and make it a special keepsake. Each candle is made with undyed, white vegetable wax. With a lower melting point, the vegetable wax candle will last a good long while. Available unscented or in apples & cinnamon or fresh linen scents. Create a cozy atmosphere with the apple and cinnamon scent, freshen a room with the crisp, airy aroma of freshly laundered clothes, or keep it unscented to get the warm glow of the candle without affecting scent-sitive company. Once you have used all the wax has, you can then use the empty candle jar as a fancy, decorative container for other items because of its lid!

    • 3.8" (L) x 3" (W)
    • Stainless Steel, Glass & All Natural Wax
    •Candle Size: 7oz Burn Time: Approx. 40 Hours
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