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Planning Your Bachelorette Party

Many wedding events come with traditions and rules that must be followed – but the Bachelorette Party is pure fun. Accessories range from innocent and humorous to downright naughty.

Start your bachelorette party with the right décor to set the mood. If yours is a mobile celebration, deck out your car with “Last Fling” signs and banners. If you’re decorating tables, go wild with your centerpieces. Use high heels, pink party sirens and anything that adds a feminine flair.  You can use everyday elements from your home bar, like martini glasses as decor, and incorporate them into the party in unusual ways. Try serving desserts in the glasses, or filling them with colorful candies in spicy colors and flavors to act as edible accents.

Make sure everyone dresses for the occasion. A bachelorette party is the perfect opportunity to incorporate props. Order colorful boas and sashes with “Bride”, “Bridesmaid” or “Maid of Honor” printed on them. Pick out pretty tiaras for all to wear. Rock some serious glam and glitter with light up rings and jewelry and add your own wild costume pieces. There are even giant foam fingers for almost every member of the bridal party. No one will miss your “#1 Maid of Honor” sign when you walk into a room! Whatever you do, bachelorette party tank tops or t-shirts are a must!

Plan an evening of hilarious activities to send your friend out with style. It may be traditional to spend the evening bar hopping or in a club watching dancers, but there are other ways to fascinate and playfully embarrass your bride-to-be. Distribute bachelorette party scratch-offs with pre-written dares. Or take a pair of “Bachelorette Party Decision Dice” with you and pose some good-natured dilemmas. You can even create a bachelorette party scavenger hunt.

Don’t lose a single memory during your party. Have all of the guests sign an autograph frame, and make sure someone is in charge of taking photos with our fun bachelorette party cameras to capture your night on the town. Advantage Bridal has all of the accessories you need to create the most memorable bachelorette party ever!