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History of the Ring Bearer

Weddings are a time-honored tradition and the wedding party plays an integral role in this. The cute little boy walking down the aisle with the precious cargo of the wedding bands a top of a pillow is no exception.

The ring bearer dates back to the jewel encrusted Egyptian times. A young boy would carry a rare ornamental pillow during the wedding with precious stones on display for everyone to see. During Medieval Europe, folk stories say that the wedding ring was placed on the tip of a sword for the bride to remove. This showed the seriousness of the act of marriage.

The actual ring bearing came into the wedding processional during the Victorian period. A young boy usually referred to as a pageboy, would be dressed in a lacy collar and large white sash around his waist. He would take on the task of carrying the brideís train, her prayer book and also be keeper of the rings. The tradition eventually evolved into the little boy simply carrying the rings down the aisle.

In modern times, the little boy dresses in a miniature version of what the groomsmen are wearing. He usually carries the rings on a pillow.This tradition evolved also from the ring bearer carrying the real rings on his pillow to the fake rings used to symbolize them. This is a more practical approach, just in case something might happen to the rings before they can make their way down the aisle. Now, the best man is often given the task of holding the rings during the ceremony and handing them off to the officiant for the ring exchange.

When selecting a ring bearer, couples generally choose someone who is a part of either side of their family or even a close friendís child. The general proper age for a ring bearer is six to ten years of age. The ring bearer and flower girl are often paired together to walk down the aisle. This is an important role in the wedding so the ring bearer and flower girl should be involved in the wedding rehearsal. This way, they know exactly what they should do on the big day.

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