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Ring Bearer Pillow Alternative Ideas

The ring bearer pillow tradition has been in existence since Ancient Egyptian times. It should come as no surprise then that many brides are looking for alternatives to the typical traditional pillows.

Modern brides are breaking all the rules and getting creative with using different things besides the traditional ring bearer pillow. There are so many options from ordinary objects that coincide with your wedding theme and décor, as well as handmade items that may have special meaning.

The new trend for weddings is a handmade, rustic feel. A sweet little bird’s nest is an earthy, nature-infused way to protect the precious cargo of you and your groom’s wedding bands, with the nest being made with actual twigs created into a nest. With real moss nestled in the middle protecting faux speckled blue eggs, the nest includes a white satin ribbon for which to tie the rings into the nest.

For outdoor enthusiasts, a canoe will have your rings rowing their way down the aisle as they are tucked safely in a birch bark canoe and natural moss.

If your wedding is a little bit more traditional or an indoor affair, there are several options for you. How about a silver ring box? This gorgeous ring box is egg shaped, with a pearl white appearance on the outside, adorned with ornamental details. The claw-footed bottom adds another element of a vintage feel with crystals resting on them, and a velvet white pillow for a safe keeping place for the ring. Your ring bearer can carry two stunning silver roses that open at the top revealing a merlot colored satin and velvet lining in which to tuck the rings.

A charming treasure box in white satin or black satin is also a lovely way to display the rings as they make their way down the aisle. The lid does not close, in order to keep it presentationally functional. After all, a little extra luck never hurt anyone.

This horseshoe ring holder will be sure to wow your guests as something unique and memorable. The rings are tied in the middle of the horseshoes and on the bottom, one will find the engage “Lucky in Love”, that will express your love for each other. Ring bearer pillows are still a great option, but you can still showcase your creative side while holding onto the tradition. Try using something with color, with a sweet lovebird pattern or a gorgeous rosette flower. Also, select something that matches your décor or theme, such as a beach inspired pillow, peacock or running theme of a specific pattern.

If you are a more bride wanting a ring bearer pillow or perhaps a trendy alternative or something with a twist, Advantage Bridal has you covered.