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The Role of the Junior Bridesmaid

A junior bridesmaid is a wonderful opportunity for a younger girl to feel as though she is a special part of the wedding day.  


The tradition of a bridesmaid dates back to ancient Roman times when spirits were a major part of the ceremony. A law would insist on having ten witnesses who would dress similar to the bride and groom. This would trick the spirits into not being able to identify the bride and groom, and therefore, no bad fortune would come to the couple. The idea of having junior bridesmaids began when family or close family friends had children too old to be a flower girl but too young to be a bridesmaid.


A proper age for a junior bridesmaid is between the ages of 9 and 13. The role of a junior bridesmaid should then be taken into account because of their younger age. They are not required to plan any parties or showers, but they are perfect to help in decorating, creating games or even baking/cooking an item. During the wedding day, a junior bridesmaid will walk in the processional and be introduced during the reception with the rest of the wedding party.


When choosing a bridesmaid dress keep in mind that if you are picking a more sophisticated silhouette, then you must select a more age appropriate option for the junior bridesmaid. When choosing the dress, it might be nice to allow the parents of the girl to see the options you are looking at and get their opinion, but ultimately it is your decision. Also, do not expect your junior bridesmaid to teeter-totter around in heels. Offering them a cute pair of flat wedding shoes that coordinate with the bridesmaid shoes is a perfectly fine option. When deciding on a bouquet for her, remember that she is smaller than the rest of the girls so discuss your options with your florist.


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