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The Role of the Bride's Father

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The Father of the Bride plays an important role in many weddings, acting as the host of the festivities along with the Mother of the Bride. Traditionally, the bride's parents pay for the bulk of the wedding expenses including the reception, the entertainment, the wedding and reception decor and the bride's attire. The Father of the Bride dresses in the same or similar formalwear as the groomsmen, and as the Father of the Groom. He usually wears a boutonniere, which may be distinct from the other men's flowers, or may be the same as the groom's party.

Along with all members of the wedding party, the Father of the Bride attends the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner. During the dinner, he may be asked by the hosts, or groom's parents, to make a toast to the couple.

On the wedding day, the Father of the Bride is expected to appear in formal photographs, often before and after the wedding ceremony. In many traditions, he escorts the bride down the aisle. In some, he will escort her with the Mother of the Bride. Often, he will be asked to answer on behalf of his family who gives the bride to the groom in marriage, and when asked will answer "I do" or "Her mother and I do". He may also assist with removing the bride's blusher or bridal veil. He sits in the first row or pew with the bride's closest family members and often escorts the Mother of the Bride during the recessional.

At the reception, the Father of the Bride will often give welcome comments or a toast to the couple as the official host of the reception. Traditionally, he will also participate in the second formal dance of the evening: the Father-Daughter dance.

There are many ways to honor the Father of the Bride and thank him for the role he plays both in the wedding and in support of the couple. Consider including him in the fun and surprising him with an embroidered "Father of the Bride" t-shirt or socks. For a more formal gift, you may wish to present him with cufflinks or a gift pen and engraved box, and you’ll certainly want to ensure he’s able to wipe away his tears of joy with a personalized handkerchief. Visit Advantage Bridal today to find the perfect Father of the Bride accessories and gifts, to show him how important he is to your wedding.