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Tradition of the Flower Girl

Flower girls are a time honored tradition that can be traced back hundreds of years. These sweet little girls have always been a part of the wedding party.

The very first flower girl can be traced back to the Ancient Roman and Greek times. The flower girl would carry wheat and herbs for blessings of fertility and prosperity. Then the tradition evolved, just like all traditions do.

During the Elizabethan Times, the wedding party included a flower bearer. This little one would follow a group of musicians. The flower bearer would then carry a silver bride’s cup decorated with ribbons and she would hold a gilded rosemary branch. The bride’s path from her home to the church was blanketed with flower petals.

The Victorian Era weddings in England became more detailed and elegant affairs. The upper class would dress the flower girl as a miniature version of the bride, with a scaled down rendering of the bride’s gown. She would walk down the aisle preparing it by tossing red rose petals. This signified the transition of innocence to becoming a wife. The same meaning of the use of flowers was to bring fertility to the bride and groom.

Many brides think that they can only have one flower girl but in earlier times, there were usually more than two of them. So if you are trying to decide between a multiple little ones in your family as well as that of your groom’s, consider letting several girls join in on the fun.

The suggested age for flower girls is three to seven. Three is the perfect young age because they can generally follow directions. Seven is the oldest most little girls consider being a flower girl because of they are any older they may think that a flower girl is something that babies do.We do suggest allowing your flower girls to practice, practice and practice so that they know exactly what they should be doing when the big day arrives.

A flower girl is a wonderful reminder of the transition from a young girl to a beautiful woman entering adulthood and marriage. Advantage Bridal offers wonderful flower girl dresses for your little helpers as well as beautiful flower baskets.