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Tossing the Wedding Bouquet - Bouquet Toss History

Tossing the bridal bouquet is one of the most exciting, interactive parts of the wedding reception that gets all of your guests involved. This is were all the unmarried girls at the wedding crowd the dance floor in hopes of catching the wedding bouquet to be the next one to walk down the aisle. This tradition is one of the oldest in wedding history.

The tradition started in the 14th century in England. A bride on her wedding day was seen to be especially lucky. Guests wanted to take a piece of luck home with them, so after the ceremony guests would rush the bride and tear off pieces of her dress. This was seen as the bride’s way of sharing her good fortune. Guests would leave with a wedding memento and a little bit of luck and magic from a day filled with love.

Of course, this caused a few dangerous situations for the bride and her guests. So, to satisfy the wants of the guests, save the wedding dress from utter destruction and keep everyone safe, the bride would throw her stockings or garter for the guests to scuffle over. Eventually, the bride’s lingerie turned into her bridal bouquet. And thus, the bridal bouquet toss tradition was born. To this day, the bride still shares her good fortune of marriage with whoever catches that most sought after wedding bouquet.

The bridal bouquet toss has continued to be a favorite at most weddings. But be careful because sometimes there is still chaos when that bouquet is thrown because “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Some brides decide to through a smaller wedding bouquet, or silk flower bouquet so that the lucky bride-to-be can keep her flowers as a keepsake.This is one of many traditions that are included in weddings, but the beauty about your wedding is that it is yours and you can create your own traditions or utilizes the ones that have been around for centuries.

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