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Wedding Guest Books and Guest Registry Books

Wedding guest books welcome your guests into either your wedding ceremony or your wedding reception.  A wedding guest book is a great way to remember those who were present for the biggest day of your life.  Asking people to sign the book will add a personal touch to an already momentous occasion.  You can use your guest book when you write your thank you notes, to start an address list, or to look back and remember the day you got married.  Unfortunately, some wedding guest books are lovingly filled in but just end up in a dusty old closet. Want to make your guest wedding book a hip modern thing of beauty that you'll love to look at? Let us offer some great personalized wedding guest book ideas that are sure to make yours a lasting treasure: 

·  Take care to make sure every guest signs your wedding guest book!  You may consider this to be a no-brainer, but the last thing you need or want is a wedding guest book that is half empty. To make sure this doesn’t happen, assign a member of the bridal party or other trusted friend to stand near it and ask guests to sign your guest book as they enter the party. Encourage your attendant to ask the guests to put a personal note next to their name for an added extra special touch.  This way, your guests will know you were thinking about them and that you are excited they choose to share your big day with you.  You should also bring it to the rehearsal dinner, so that your closest friends and family have extra time to sign-they may be too busy the actual day of your wedding.


·  Add a personal touch to each guest’s signature.   Rather than your guests just writing down their name, address, and a short "Congratulations", have your attendant ask them to write their favorite memory of you, your partner, or even a short piece of advice for a happy marriage in your wedding guest book.  You can use part of your wedding invitations to ask guests to bring a special photograph or other token that can be included in your book.

·  Let your guest book reflect your personalities.  Get creative!  You don't have to stick to a guest book.  Choose from any one of our guest book alternatives.  We have guest book platters and signature mats that can be put on display in your new home together.  Your wedding signatures can be just as unique as you are.  Have fun with your choices! Don't forget to accessorize your wedding guest book with a fancy guest book pen. There is always a demand for beautiful plume feather guest book pens, but a beautiful pen with an intricate design is lovely, or a pen on a stand that matches your guest book.