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Various Wedding Themes To Consider

There are as many wedding themes available as there are couples to choose them. The most important consideration when selecting a wedding theme is how meaningful the elements are to the couple. The theme should reflect the bride and groom’s unique personalities as well as their histories, their passions and even their cultural heritage.

The term “theme” is broad and encompasses many different possible wedding styles. A popular way to theme a wedding is through the use of a color palette. Advantage Bridal makes it easy to shop for wedding invitations, décor and accessories by color. It’s okay to think outside of the “traditional” color box as well. Some of today’s most popular color schemes include gray and yellow, pink and green and brown with Tiffany blue.

Another fun way to theme a wedding is by season. You can choose dramatic “Winter White”, romantic “Tuscan Sun”, “Springtime Love in Bloom” or the earthy and natural “Fall’ing in Love”. Whether you choose a specifically seasonal theme, or simply one that celebrates the ambience of your favorite time of year, Advantage Bridal has numerous options to bring your theme to life. Your invitations, attire, accessories, décor and even your thank you notes can reflect your chosen “feel”.

Some themes, especially for destination weddings, are regional, such as “Beach Wedding” or “Winery Chic”. Others invoke a beloved era like “Vintage” or “Simple Elegance”. Some rely on a recurring motif for continuity. Emblazon your custom monogram, or even a design element like the peacock feather on programs on various wedding accessories.

You can also celebrate your cultural heritage throughout your wedding. Rejoice in a vibrant and elaborate traditional Indian wedding setting complete with henna body art, sandalwood wedding fans and lucky elephant thank you gifts. Or share a little luck with a Celtic touch that can accent your entire suite of personal items including your serving set, toasting glasses, cake décor and unity candle.

There are so many options when personalizing your wedding – let your imagination and Advantage Bridal lead you to your perfect wedding theme!