wedding Wish Jar with Heart Shaped Cards

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  • Our Wedding Wish Jar with Heart Shaped Cards is a fresh take on having an interactive wedding moment with your guests. Your guests will be able to share their thoughts and give you their well-wishes with this wedding advice jar. You can display this at the entry table or the gift table. It's a way to engage your guests and give them something fun to do! In the past, the bride and groom would have a traditional guest book where their guests could either sign their names or give advice to the newlyweds. This wedding wish jar is a fresh new take on the guest books and your guests will enjoy seeing something they've never seen before. It's a beautiful keepsake to look back at and remind both of you of your special day and all the advice you followed (or perhaps didn't). It's also fun seeing how many people gave the same advice. Something tells us that "Don't go to bed mad", will be a commonly given advice piece!

    Features and Facts:

    • Set includes 1 glass jar, 1 tent card, and 2 packs of 50 cardstock hearts.
    • Holds up to 500 heart-shaped cardstock cards for guests to sign.
    • Jar: Clear glass jar with a lid that has a gold foil decal "Wishes for the new Mr. + Mrs."
    • Tent Card: White cardstock tent card with printed black instructions and gold foil accents.
    • Heart Cards: White cardstock card in heart shape with gold foil details. 2 packs of 50 cards.
    • Measurements: Jar: 5.5" w x 5.5" d x 8.5" h
    • Measurements: Heart Card: 3.5" w x 3.1" d x 0.1" h
    • Measurements: Tent Card: 5" w x 0.1" d x 7" h
    • Packaged Measurements: 5.91" w x 5.91" d x 8.66" h
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